Monday, January 4, 2010

Puerto Rico, December 2009

As I sit on the plane on the way back to Texas, I look back on my trip to Puerto Rico.


I was scheduled to arrive in Puerto Rico on the 24th of December (Christmas' Eve.) However, on some really weird and unusual occurrence, it snowed heavily in Dallas, and my flight to Houston was delayed, which in turn made me miss my flight to Puerto Rico. Needless to say, I was very upset when I arrived at the airport and they told me I'd have to leave on the next day. I called my mom, and upon noticing that I was upset, she told me "Pedro, remember that God has a purpose for everything." At the time I agreed between grumbles, but sure enough, she was right. It ended up happening that my friends stopped by my apartment in the evening to pick up some things, and invited me to go to midnight mass with them. So, where I wouldn't have been able to go to church due to traveling, I was able to go to church -with friends-, have a good time, and even eat some Filipino food before I left for Puerto Rico on Christmas day.


I had mentioned in a previous post some things that I wanted to do while in Puerto Rico, and thankfully I was able to do most of them. There were some friends I wasn't able to see, and I didn't really go out salsa dancing (not at a salsa place anyway,) but I at least was able to see a lot of friends, play a lot of Tekken, go to church, spend time with my mom and dad, and eat a whole lot of food. Really, I can't complain. :-)


One thing I hadn't mentioned on my blog before, was that a very popular magazine had contacted me to write a small article about me. As (some of) you may know, I lost a lot of weight not too long ago - approximately 50 lbs. Now, the magazine contacted the "program" I used to lose weight, asking for names of Hispanic people that had lost a lot of weight with that program. Long story short, I was chosen, and had to send pictures, a small write-up, and incur in a short telephone interview with the magazine.

Anyway, the article appears in the February issue of the magazine. The folks called me to tell me about it while I was in Puerto Rico, and needless to say me and my mom were pretty psyched (especially my mom). They told me they'd send me the PDF document with a scan of the article so I could see it first, and told me not to tell anyone yet, etc. I got home from shopping, and took a look at the article. It was quite embarrassing. The pictures were fine, and some of the write-up was fine, but, the article almost makes me sound like I think I'm all that after losing weight. It also mentions some personal things that I said during the interview, which, had I known, I wouldn't have said. Oh well, live and learn. Some people tell me the article is fine the way it is, and others say it's not. I won't sweat it too much, since I don't think many people will even notice it, and even if they do, they'll forget about it quickly (*crosses fingers*).


May God bless you and keep you always.
Until next time,

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