Saturday, February 14, 2009

english muffins

Lo prometido es deuda.

I was wrong in my previous post. I am scheduled to fly out to California this coming Monday. Good news is that we gave a demo of our product last week, and everything went well. So now I have to fly out to tweak some things, and run an "official" demo. Shouldn't be too bad.


Every time I fly out to California, I stay at a Holiday Inn. It's a pretty nice hotel. If you stay there long enough (and are signed up in their little rewards program), they will give you vouchers for $10 or $20 off for the restaurant, to be used at breakfast time. I like to go there in the morning. The food is good, and I guess I've been there enough times that I know some of the staff (there's a Puerto Rican waiter!), and even get treated to their “fancy” coffee at no extra cost.

My boss likes to meet up in the hotel lobby pretty early in the morning to go to work. On one particular morning, I decided to forgo the entire restaurant deal, and just ordered room service. I ordered what I always order in the actual restaurant: the “Just right egg”, which is simply one egg, a fruit cup, and an English muffin. So far, I've always asked for the English muffin to be replaced with a blueberry muffin. This day was no different.

Some five minutes later, I get a call. They are out of blueberry muffins. I say that it's fine, I'll just get an English muffin like it says on the menu. Some ten-fifteen minutes later, room service shows up. I open up the dishes and whatever, and I notice that instead of an English muffin, I get this:

At this point I'm confused, because this doesn't look like a muffin at all. I call them, and tell them that I didn't get an English muffin. Told them to get me an English muffin. The guy says he did give me an English muffin. I told them I have something that's not sweet, and that I wanted one of those sweet muffins. I then proceeded to eat my breakfast, but fifteen minutes later, room service hasn't arrived with my muffin yet. I call them, and tell them that they still owe me an English muffin. They apologize, and tell me they'll send one over. I take a shower and whatever, and when I peek outside the door, I notice they had left a covered plate. When I open it, there are two of these inside:

Then it hits me. I have no idea what English muffins are supposed to look like. Worse than that, maybe these are English muffins. Embarrassed, I leave the plate in my room, untouched.

Lesson learned. In my defense - in Puerto Rico, as far as I know, we don't really have muffins for breakfast (if at all). It just wasn't part of my vocabulary. Ignorance led to embarrassment on this one, but now I know.