Monday, September 1, 2008

pink shirts, yellow balloons and fortune cookies

So we made a trip to Austin, TX this labor day weekend. Our "out of town" plans usually consist of a combination of meeting up with friends, eating, salsa dancing, and sleeping. We sometimes do some sort of sightseeing as well. Austin delivered in all aspects, but what might be exciting and cool to me might be boring to you, so I'll try to keep you from clicking the "x" button in your browser by only posting the highlights.

Friday night we went to 6th street for some Cuban/Puerto Rican food and dancing. I think it was the first time ever that I went to a salsa club, actively asked a good number of different people to dance, and didn't get rejected once. At one point I danced with a very nice (and cute) Mexican girl with a great attitude. I played the "beginner" card which resulted in her being impressed as I did the more advanced (not really) moves. So she had a good time, and ended up introducing me to her (also cute) friends so I could dance with them as well. Zing.

Later on some of my friends wanted to get drinks so we moved to a place called The Library. I just did some people watching while my friends had their drinks and did some dancing. At one point, one of my friends sorta challenged me to go up to a group of girls to take a picture with them. So I did.

Me: *walks up* Hey, let's get our picture taken. (or something like that)
Them: Uhh... *one of them points to another* take a picture with her!
Me: *looking at the single girl* Ok! Just look at the camera over there! My friend is taking the picture
Her: *with a confused look* why do you want to take a picture?
Me: -_- ... I just want to have a cool picture to take back to Dallas! :-)
Her: Uhh...
Me: Aww, come on. Am I a scary guy?
Her: *touching my shirt* ^_^ No, you're wearing a pink shirt!
Me: OK! Say cheese! :-D ...
Her: Cheese! :-D
Me: *explodes*

So I guess it didn't turn out too good haha. I'm not the kind of guy that "begs", but I really didn't want to walk away without getting that picture taken. It went from a group of five to just one girl, and me having to pull out all sorts of tricks from my bag (I omitted stuff from the conversation) in the process. I did get my picture taken with a random cute Austin girl however, and learned that wearing pink somehow lowers girls' defenses. Woot.

We're back in Dallas now, but Austin was such a great experience that we can't wait for another chance to go back. I'll just make sure to keep stocking up on pink shirts.


  1. ROFL. La historia entera estuvo super fina tipo!!!! Exito por alla pero, mala mia por ser sincero, no pareces en nada a un asiatico >.<

  2. Mano, cuando regreses a Austin, si quieres mejor comida caribeña que la de La Habana en 6th Street, mejor ve a Casa Colombia (en 7th St., al este de la I-35) o a Café Mangú (en la carretera 1325, al este de la I-35).

    Y curiosamente, mi restaurante vietnamita favorito en Austin es de los más baratos: Pho Hoàng en Burnet Road. :-)

  3. Ah, demasiao. De seguro nos daremos la vuelta la próxima vez que vayamos. Gracias =)

    Los restaurantes vietnamitas son casi como los puertorriqueños - la gran mayoría del tiempo, los chinchorros son diez veces mejor que los restaurantes fancy, jaja.

  4. Jeje, tienes razón: ¡que vivan los chinchorros! :-)

    Bueno, y si regresas, ven en verano, porque en Austin hay muchas cosas chéveres que hacer cuando el agua no está hipotérmica. ;-)